About Us

paidkash is trying to make Help users and consumers like bloggers, Youtuber etc. newly connected to the Internet for online earning

paidkash is a brainchild to most of those people who love blogging and want to be a professional blogger because we seed, nurture and grow techies.

To make technical knowledge simplest among Bangladshi and sustain paidkash’s position as one of India’s most valuable tech blog

To seed, water & nurture the newbies’ mind and grow the technical understanding in a better way

On this page you will get new and useful technical information, tips, tricks and other modern things.
You can easily benefit by using search or labels.
Use Archives for more convenience so that you can be easily aware of the monthly activities happening on the blog.
You can get answers to your questions using the contact form from me .
State-of-the-art comment system has been used to organize your comments better and to answer them.
I welcome your comments and suggestions, feel free to ask any technical questions.

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